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Complete Name: Stephen R Grobmyer, M.D.

Phones:UF Business Telephone: (352) 265-0169

Shands Provider Number: (352) 265-7070

Postal:UF Business Mailing
    1600 Sw Archer Rd. Rm 6165 -- P.O. Box 100286
    Po Box 100286
    Gainesville, FL 326100286




1995 The University of Texas Southwestern Medical School Dallas, Texas. Graduated, M.D.

1990 Rice University Houston, Texas. Graduated cum laude, B.A. Economics

Postdoctoral Training

1992-1993 Stanley J. Sarnoff Research Fellowship The University of PennsylvaniaMentor: Elliot S. Barnathan, M.D.Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

1997-1999 NIH Research Training Fellowship Weill Cornell Medical College of Cornell University Mentor: Carl F. Nathan, M.D. New York, New York

1995-2001 Resident/Assistant Surgeon New York Presbyterian Hospital-Cornell Medical Center New York, New York

2001-2002 Administrative Chief Resident/Surgeon New York Presbyterian Hospital-Cornell Medical Center New York, New York

2002-2004 Surgical Oncology Fellow Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center New York, New York

2003-2004 Administrative Chief Surgical Fellow Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center New York, New York


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  • Surgical Oncology
  • Breast Cancer
  • Nanotechnology

General Info:

Dr. Grobmyer's research has been focused on the early detection and diagnosis of cancer. His research has has been featured in NY Times and on National Public Radio, and Journal of the National Cancer Institute.

He has co-edited a book on Cancer Nanotechnology with Professor Brij Moudgil. He holds several patents on the use of new nanometerials for cancer diangosis and therapy.

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